Elekta Care

Agility is the next generation, high resolution beam shaping solution from Elekta. Built on a strong understanding of the factors that are critical to patient plan optimization and treatment delivery, Agility is designed to meet the needs of modern radiotherapy facilities. Agility offers excellent clinical flexibility and efficiency, while ensuring that patient safety and comfort remain a priority.

The combination of high resolution beam shaping and rapid leaf speeds allows higher dose rates to be used for more effective modulation. Because reducing unwanted dose to healthy tissue or organs-at-risk is critical, the Agility leaf bank provides extremely low transmission (< 0.5%).

Hexapod™ Treatment Table

The Hexapod™ Treatment Table is a robotic treatment table that allows for patient positioning correction in the primary directions (x,y,z) and also accounts for rotational error (roll, pitch, yaw).

This cutting edge technology allows for the most precise patient alignment possible to guarantee that patients are treated with the highest standards available.

Pinnacle™ Treatment Planning System

Our highly skilled therapists and dosimetrist will accurately plan and deliver the most appropriate radiation treatment based on your individual case.

At Clermont County Cancer Center, we use a very advanced treatment planning system, called Pinnacle. Pinnacle allows us to precisely spare normal structures while still giving adequate dose to the cancerous tissues.

Impac Mosaiq™ -Electronic Medical Record

All of our patient’s medical information is stored in our electronic medical record system called Mosaiq. This system allows all of our staff to efficiently access your information via a center-wide computer system. Mosaiq allows easy integration of each patient’s diagnosis, history, nursing assessments, treatment films, scheduling, and laboratory results. Mosaiq is also the record and verify system fully integrated with the linear accelerator that allows for radiation treatment delivery to be captured immediately at the time of delivery.

GE™ CT simulator

We have on-site CT simulation, which enables our board-certified radiation oncologist to precisely distinguish the cancerous area. CT simulation allows us to provide optimal accuracy in delineating the tumor site. This technology also allows the radiation oncologist to design each patient’s treatment plan specific to the shape of their body and internal structures.